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The Experience Design Academy develops researches on frontier issues related to the experience of products and services, thanks to the broader polytechnical skills. Research projects range from a more scientific and/or cultural dimension to an applicative one, with different levels of possible integration.

01. Methodology

Scenario vision & planning
Research about scenarios related to the user experience of products, services and/or interactive environments. The topics are defined in agreement with partners and clients.

Market research & Surveys
In collaboration with experts, XDA carries out specific market research and surveys on user experience, both for internal activities related to Experience Matters and on commission.

User Research
The extensive skills of the XDA faculty allow the implementation of structured (foundational or evaluative) research processes that involve users at different levels, from the contextual research phases and problem framing to analysis and evaluation, through the use of dedicated methods and technologies: field research, netnography, A/B testing, Eye-tracking, VR.

02. Automotive UX

Base 5G

Research project funded by the Lombardy Region and coordinated by the Politecnico di Milano (Departments DEIB, DESIGN, MECC, DASTU) and by a pool of Lombard companies (Vodafone, LIFE, AnotherReality, Yape and AKKA). The goal of the research is the design, prototyping and testing of new use cases and new experiences in the fields of Smart Cities and Smart Campus.

The Experience Design Academy manages the in-car user experience design part for a car sharing service, ensuring vertical integration of 5G technology with IoT platforms.

  • Design
  • Research
Master in Transportation & Automobile Design

Experience Design Academy collaborates with the Master in Transportation & Automobile Design by providing a personalized didactic module of Experience Interaction Design for Vehicles.

The goal is to provide fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge for the conscious development of projects in the field of transportation design integrated with a systemic approach that pays particular attention to the user experience.

  • Frontal lessons
  • Project Work

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NTT Data

03. Phygital Acculturation

Phygital means not only the dimension of coexistence between Physical and Digital elements, but the interactive dimension (active or passive) of products, services and environments with and for the user. The aim of the research was to identify some strategic guidelines for the definition of advanced user experiences with phygital products, services and environments.

Four levels of implications and ten principles have been defined on the basis of which products and services will be developed in the near future. The research, with a strong cultural matrix, included a comparative analysis in the field of Japanese and Western culture and has given rise to a series of experimental training proposals and new areas to explore.

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04. Experience Matters

In collaboration with GreatPixel and Personalive, the format includes a research phase and a related event to present the results. The initiative shows that Design and Marketing are not two separate areas, but instead can collaborate to build a strategic and successful mix to increasing digital performance.
The research is oriented towards to understand how the main digital patterns fit into the ecosystem of marketing and how they affect businesses and consumers. The phenomenon was investigated through an online survey submitted to a sample of 1.000 users, representing over 11 million Italian heavy users of e-commerce.

  • 1st edition: Dark Patterns
  • 2nd edition: Artificial Intelligence

The results are disseminated annually through an event open to the public held at the Politecnico di Milano. The research confirms the importance of the User Experience in establishing a long-term relationship between the customer and the brand.

Promoted and organized by

Great Pixel Personalive
Under the patronage of

Fondazione Giannino Bassetti

In collaboration with
Osservatorio Artificial Intelligence
Osservatorio Design Thinking For Business
Promoted and organized by
Great Pixel Personalive
Under the patronage of
In collaboration with
Osservatorio Artificial Intelligence
Osservatorio Design Thinking For Business


Venanzio Arquilla
Associate Professor Politecnico di Milano
Andrea Boaretto
Founder & CEO Personalive
Giovanni Pola
Founder & CEO Great-Pixel
Giuliano Simonelli
Former President
Francesco Zurlo
Ordinary Professor Politecnico di Milano

I edition – Panel

Roberto Liscia | Netcomm
Roberto Chieppa | Fastweb
Francesco Sala |
Elena Guglierame | Leroy Merlin
Marco Loguercio | FIND

II edition – Panel

Francesco Samorè | Fondazione Giannino Bassetti
Roberto Chieppa | Fastweb
Giancarlo Cobino | Quilsar
Giuseppe Leoni | i3Lab
Alessandro Piva | Osservatorio Artificial Intelligence
Simone di Somma | INNAAS
Cabirio Cautela | Osservatorio Design Thinking for Business, Politecnico di Milano
Aldo Fumagalli | Hoover Candy Group