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The Experience Design Academy provides a number of Courses and Masters that will intercept the renewed need of companies and professionals to orient themselves in the world of digital transformation and servitization.
The “User Experience” is tackled in a holistic way, combining design thinking with a significant share of operations related to what many now call Design Ops, from meta-project to communication, up to programming.
The educational path includes a mix of frontal lessons and Project Work activities on different briefs commissioned by actual companies, according to the learning by doing model.

01. Catalog training

In the heart of international design, in the name of the academic excellence of the Politecnico di Milano, in connection with business dynamics:‘s Master and Courses about User Experience.

Corso intensivo in Design System
Flash COurse


December 2023 – 1° edition
Corso intensivo in Figma Design
Flash Course


June 2024 – 1° edition
Master in User Experience Psychology

User Experience Psychology

January 2024 – 4° edition
Corso di Alta Formazione in User Experience Design
Executive Course

User Experience Design (UX)

February 2024 – 16° edition
Corso di Alta Formazione in UI Design
Executive Course

User Interface Design (UI)

November 2023 – 2° edition

02. On demand training

The Experience Design Academy provides customized training paths
for professionals, companies, bodies and institutions, even through of inter-branch funds. XDA can offer short courses to impart and teach new methodologies but also ad hoc training packages starting from the analysis of the single company for the achievement of the established business objectives.

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03. Training with Tangity

The Experience Design Academy has an established partnership with Tangity (part of NTT DATA Design Network): together we build international courses for internal employees and external companies with the goal of updating about design topics and of creating a shared lexicon in between all the stakeholders involved in the development of digital product.

Professional profiles
Visual Designers
Business Designers
UX & Service Designers
Content Designers
Mechanical Engineers
Industrial Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Engagement Managers
UX Researches
IoT, VR and AI Service Line
Mobile and Creative Technologies


Basics of User Experience Design

Introduce principles of the discipline such as Design Thinking and UX. A 360° approach from research to prototype.

Design Management

Understand the role of the the Design Thinking approach to drive the innovation inside the company. Leverage on personal creative confidence as a new way to reach business goals.

Basics of Design for Better Innovation Services

Identify the main methodologies and their applications regarding the design culture and its impact on projects. Deep investigation of UX and Service Design.

Basics of Service Design

Provide the cultural and technical basis to define and manage the processes of products and services innovation offered through Design.

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